Mission Statement

  The mission of the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences (NDFS) is to enhance the quality of life and well being of our constituents in Utah, the nation, and internationally through our programs in education, research, and extension. This mission reinforces those of our College of Agriculture and Utah State University.
     The teaching goal of the NDFS department is to develop within our students the knowledge and skills required to be productive and advance in their professional field of endeavor. Our education programs include both specialized and liberal studies that lead to satisfying professional careers and life enrichment. The NDFS department is a diverse science-based department with teaching emphases in Nutrition Science, Food Science, and Dietetics. The affiliation of nutrition science and food science is advantageous given the interrelationships of nutrition, food, and human health. The dietetics program directly applies these core disciplines to issues of individual and public health.
    The research goal of the NDFS department is scientific discovery that benefits the people of Utah, the nation, and the world. Research areas of emphasis include molecular and cellular nutrition, public health nutrition and epidemiology, microbiology and food safety, dairy and muscle foods processing, and dietetics administration.
    The outreach and extension goal of the NDFS department is to disseminate and apply scientific knowledge in nutrition and food sciences to the people of Utah and the nation. Key areas of outreach reflect the department’s scientific expertise and include nutrition education, food safety, and dairy and meat processing.
   The NDFS department fosters equal opportunities for women and minority students and faculty, and welcomes foreign and domestic students and visiting professors. We endeavor for a work environment characterized by collegiality and respect for individuals and ideas.

Learning objectives

    Learning objectives are established that lead to the professional competencies required of graduates from NFS department programs. The learning objectives follow guidelines described by the national organization specific to each program: Nutrition Science -- American Society for Nutritional Sciences, Food Science -- Institute of Food Technologists, and Dietetics -- Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Dietetics | Food Science | Nutrition Science

Matrix: Courses and Learning Objectives

   The department’s curriculum and course content are developed to achieve learning objectives. Content and expected outcomes from each course are identified, along with descriptions of their specific contributions to the programs’ learning objectives and development of professional competencies.

Dietetics | Food Science | Nutrition Science

Outcomes Data and Data-based Decisions

    Feedback relating to the learning objectives is collected by Program Committees comprised of departmental faculty. Outcomes data includes learning objectives and curriculum to guarantee consistency with accreditation/approval guidelines, course content and expected outcomes to ensure the requisite knowledge base is being taught. The outcomes data is reviewed by the Program Committees, and a self-study report is generated. The data-based decisions are put into practice to improve student learning.